Selecting the Fish for your Home Aquarium

By | April 7, 2016

When you set up a home fish tank, the exciting part is selecting the fish. There are plenty of fish to select from – cichlid, tetras, goldfish, rainbows, barbs, piranha, and dozens of species of catfish – and we are just talking about freshwater fish for now.

You can have a multi social aquarium tank, where a range of fish live in harmony, or you can have individual aquarium, where just one specific fish exists. Piranha, tiger shovelnose cats, arowana, oscars and other seriously large and predatory fish are held in these types of tanks since they eat everybody else placed in with them.

Cichlids, tetras, barbs and quite a few other smaller fish are fish that can live well with others. Fish who like to chill in communities like to do it with other fish like them. Five glass catfish will behave like a school and spend time together. Make sure you group has fish that have the same pH hardness and character as the other residents. Don’t mix a Cichlid community with a small tetra community, except when you want a fat Cichlid community.

South American cichlids can usually go well with other fish, but not at all times. Discus are very calm, and can live with the small tetras, like neons, cardinals and so on. Angelfish will most likely eat the neons sooner or later. Red-breasted piranha (that are a tetra) can reside with a school of small fish. If the little fish are schooling, the piranha knows there’s no threat, and they’re peaceful. Black piranha eats everything that comes into their tank, and will make a move at your hand, too. Before you buy the fish, watch them in the retailer’s tanks, make sure they have no illnesses and that their fins are wide open and they are swimming positively.

Ultimately, whatever you get, doing the homework is important. When you have done plenty of research, write down what you have and how many. Particularly in a community tank, it helps quite a lot to say not “I have some tiny fish, kind of glowing blue”, or “I have dozen of tetras” or something hazy like that. It suggests when you add fish to your home aquarium tank, we can guide you choose fish that will go along with what you currently have.