Why is Lawn Aeration Necessary?

Decreases soil compaction – Just as you wouldn’t plant a rose in cement, a compacted soil bed is not favorable to a great lawn either! If you are over-seeding, loosened soil enables grass roots to dive deeper into the soil to find crucial water resources in times of strain. Soil compaction shifts pore space size,… Read More »

Aquarium Cleaning Tips

Maintaining and repeatedly cleaning your freshwater aquarium is important to keep it looking beautiful. A frequent clean-up will also help lengthen the life of your tropical fish. Cleaning up your tank is a relatively easy regime that needs to be carried out roughly in every two weeks. At first, remove any artificial plants, the filter… Read More »

Stocking Your Home Aquarium Guidelines

Guideline – Freshwater: A good principle is one inch of fish per gallon of water but there can be exceptions to this norm. The principle of an inch of fish per gallon of water is dependent on a common square aquarium of normal height. If you have, say a round-shaped aquarium, or a very tall… Read More »

Selecting the Fish for your Home Aquarium

When you set up a home fish tank, the exciting part is selecting the fish. There are plenty of fish to select from – cichlid, tetras, goldfish, rainbows, barbs, piranha, and dozens of species of catfish – and we are just talking about freshwater fish for now. You can have a multi social aquarium tank,… Read More »

African Jewelfish

The African jewelfish (Hemichromis bimaculatus), a beautifully colored fish, sometimes known as jewel cichlid or jewelfish, belongs to the cichlidae family. The African Jewelfish are omnivorous and they can grow up to 12-15 centimeters (5-6 inches) long. Its color is red with fine jewel-like blue spots and three dark spots on the sides, the first… Read More »